Thursday, September 25, 2014

I clicked on a Buzzfeed link

I clicked on a Buzzfeed link. It felt so bizarre that I felt compelled to write a poem about it. This is in its initial form, so lucky you! You get to see it before I mangle it! (Or, more likely, forget about it for a while, then resurrect it in an almost completely unrecognizable form.)

I clicked on a Buzzfeed link.

It wouldn’t be fair to call it an article. 
Articles have    depth
         fucking paragraphs.

This was a list, of sorts,
only it wasn’t
made up of words.

It had videos
behaving like looping .GIF files
but with sound.

Each video headlined
with what looked like words
but had no inherent meaning
to me and my English degree.

This was a list of things
ruined by white people,
yet the genocide of the American Indians
is ranked five spots below

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