Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tender are the Buttons

For a poetry assignment, we were asked to read Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein, and then do an imitation. I'm no Stein, but here is my attempt to capture some of her magic:


Beans in a bowl. Faded beans. Faded in a bowl. Super Bowl Rose Bowl bowl of cereal big enough for two.

We let ourselves fade away. Fade away. Blend away. Blend to become one. Strive to become one. One in a pot. One in a bowl.


The flesh is soft the flesh is soft the soft is flesh. These pillows are deadly. Deadly pillows is weapons. I like pillow fights. I like pillow fights. I like pillow fights soft. Feel these pillows soft. Money was for convenience convenience is for money.


Potato. Potatoe. Poe Tay Toe. Poe is the Raven. The Raven is dead. Like Poe. Poe is dead. In the dirt. In the dirt. In the brown dirt. Like the potato. Potatoes in dirt. Brown potatoes. Russet Potatoes. You can keep the Yukon Gold that falls. The gold that falls. Falls falls to the dirt. The potatoes. Potatoes in dirt.