Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Abominable Cthulhu Rises Again

What hammer? What chain?
In what furnace is thy brain?
What anvil? What dread grasps
dare its terrors clasp?

He sleeps this night. He sleeps this dead.
In R’lyeh He sleeps, His non-euclidian bed.
Dare you dream? Dare you rest?
Dread Cthulhu has chosen you as His guest.

In what madness? In what dreams?
When the stars are right, you shall gleam.
There is no way out, no sanity.
This Great Old One is all you need.

He controls your mind. You’re His to own.
With Him at your side, you’re never alone.
What shall I do? What is my task?
You must rise with the others, dawn the masque.

What cult? What coven?
Throw the unbelievers in thy oven.
What swamp? What frightful day
will Cthulhu choose to rise again?