Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, it's Halloween!

What I love about Halloween…

The sound of laughter in the air.
The abundance of candy corn piled to the sky at the store,
The social acceptance of dressing like a whore!
The horror movies that finally get some time on TV,
The excuse to listen to more horror stories by King Diamond.
The little Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers ringing my door bell,
the ease of abducting kiddos as they come to my home 
the trick of slaughtering my newfound captives who were looking for a treat
the missing people reports showing off my skills on the late-night news
the police pounding down my door
the cuffs cutting off circulation to my now blue hands
the daily beatings I receive to my head and torso in the prison courtyard
the elegant voice of the priest reading me my last rites
the smooth feel of the hemp rope snuggled around my shaven neck
the weightlessness I feel as the bottom drops out
the light that fla   s   h       e   

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